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Experience Quality Care During Birth & after that...

The time around birth & first day of life is the most important. 

Nearly more than 1 million babies die each year, within the first 24 hours of life.

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Essential Items for Newborn care, Birth & Healthcare Providers

Ensuring Survive & Thrive

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Personal Protection Items for Healthcare Providers

Items for creating safe & hygienic birth environment

Sterilized items for essential newborn & maternity care

For Saving Lives

By Taking Care of Yourself, You're Taking Care Of Someone Else

Easy To Use & Fit for All Healthcare Settings

Based on International Guidelines & R&D

Provide Safe & Hygienic Child Birth Solutions

Environment Friendly Recyclable & Biodegradable Products 

Convenient, Pre-Packed Kit with Pictorial Guidelines

Essential Kit Contents

Research & Devlopment

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World Health Organization (WHO)

Globally 2.5 million children died in the first month of life in 2018 —approximately 7 000 newborn deaths every day with about one third dying on the day of birth and close to three quarters dying within the first week of life

Newborns: reducing mortality

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