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Who we are?

HealSol Healthcare is one of its type for-profit public health startup working as an innovator in the design, implementation, and assessment of high quality, enduring programs & services in public health. Our commitment is to increase the effectiveness of public healthcare delivery system to help people stay and become healthy

Our purpose is to inform, assist, and encourage individuals from all sections of the society on their wellness journey and to create the channels through which each individual can realize and articulate his/her health needs and preferences.  We believe in   “participatory development” to bring about large scale change and therefore our aim is to supplement governmental efforts rather than establishing a parallel system; because when every individual becomes part of the solution, the system becomes much more accountable to the people it is meant to serve.


Improving health status of people is a daunting challenge not only for the health practitioners but also for social scientists and activists. Economists, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists and demographers have made significant contributions to understand health in its holistic sense and to develop better health care programs. HealSol Healthcare Private Limited intends to extend this effort.

Empower communities by transforming healthcare

Our Belief

Our Vision

"Quality Healthcare for All"

A world in which all people have access to high quality and affordable solutions to improve and maintain their health and well-being

Our Mission

“participatory development”

To improve the health and well being of people through enduring, high quality, cost-effective and universally accessible solutions.

Our Approach

"whole of government whole of society"

Health system operates in broader social, political and economic contexts and there is a greater need to respond to all those factors that affect health rather than focusing only on medically driven solutions.

Let's make a difference together

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